SPDG attends EGY STITCH TEX 2019
The international exhibition for textile printing technologies, fabrics and chemicals

In 2019 SPDG is looking to expand our market beyond SE Asia and are looking into many areas further afar such as Egypt, Africa and the Americas. As part of this initiative we were very pleased to attend EGY STITCH TEX in Nasr City Egypt. The textile sector in Egypt is certainly in a period of growth and accounts for 3% of the GDP with over 7000 companies and 6 Billion USD of investments. It is also interesting a strategic hub for supply chain solutions into other countries in the region.

At the event we had the pleasure to meet a wide range of visitors from factory owners with an interest to import our products and use them directly along with their technicians and production people where we were able to share ideas and experiences on the technical and ecological solutions whilst maintaining a cost saving initiative to remain competitive in the global market. We have also met many trading companies that have a strong background in textiles and understand the complexities of our business from technical to commercial matters. We hope to be in the position to appoint an agent in the region very soon to service the customers there and enable everyone’s business to grow together.

Please see some of our favorite pictures from the event below:

After our first trip to Egypt we are very appreciative of the hospitality from the Egyptian people and thank them for the way that they have welcomed us into their business community. We certainly hope for relationships to build further from here and look forward to returning in the near future.