Hello colors® for Nylon (Polyamid) & wool

Please select from the list below to view the acid dye ranges that best fit your requirement:

Comprise all monosulphonated acid dyes (Half-Milling dyes) that can be used for medium to deep shades, depending on end-use and fastness requirements.

"HALAN S dyes are 1:2 metal-complex dyes with two sulpho group. They are particularly suitable for dyeing very dark shades to meet top wet fastness requirements. They are normally used for dull/dark shades.

  • Very high wet fastness
  • Some blocking may occur
  • Combinable with HELLONOL Milling / HELLONOL Half-Milling dyes."

For All depth of shade HELLONOL SET dyes are applied at ph 4.5 - the isoelectric region of wool- LEAVING the fiber in excellent physical condition. HELLONOL SET dye are suitable for dyeing wool in all forms. especially loose stock, slubbing yarn and it’s blends.

"HELLO NOL SET PA offer excellent tone-on-tone build up and flexibility in matching shades. Fully compatible with original Hellonol set dyes.
The exteded range of HELLONOL SET PA dyes offer easy dye selection and broad shade coverage. Very deep shades are easy to achieve."

Special dye mixtures with good combinability. They are therefore especially suitable for dyeing three colour combinations. HALAN NHF-S dyes cover a wide range of shades and therefore meet demands from textile finishers for versatile metal-complex dyes for a wide range of applications.