Disperse Dyes

Hellocolors® Disperse Dyes are a wide range of dyes for polyester dyeing. All products were originally developed using Japanese technology. With 13 specific ranges we can match your requirement for strength, fastness, price or ecological certification. Specialist ranges such as the SFN series are also available with Dyeing Guard EL-SF which offers excellent “right first time” capabilities and super high fastness.

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Reactive Dyestuffs

Hellocolors® Reactive Dyestuffs are a complete range of dyes for cellulose fibers; featuring direct counters to popular brand name products all with the brightest & richest colors available in the market today. Specialist ranges such as the ES Series are also available with resource saving properties that also give exceptional fastness and ecological benefits.

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Reactive P

Reactive & Hellofix P-Dyes

Hellofix P Dyes are monochloro triazine dyes (MCT-reactive dyes) for screen printing on cellulosic woven & knitted fabrics. All dyes are classified as non-dusting and remain in the print paste with no risk of floating and causing spots by redepostion. All products give brilliant shades with high build up & reproducibility with good washing fastness.

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Acrylic (Helloacryl Dyes)

Hellocolors® Acrylic dyes are dedicated specifically for acrylic yarns. All dyes are very easy to dissolve at low temperatures (40°C) with no need for acetic acid or steam. High exhaustion rates are possible at temperatures of around 110°C which results in excellent fastness.

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acid dyes

Hellocolors® for Nylon (Polyamide) & Wool is a wide range of dyes that utilizes a variety of dyestuffs to generate specific products to optimize your dyeing process to achieve the required result on the fabric. This can be tailored depending on shade & tone required ensuring to select compatible dyes to achieve level and fast results.

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Hellocolors® pigments are high quality pigment dispersions with counter products to all leading brand names. All pigments raw materials are selected to achieve optimal fastness with a superb dispersing agent that ensures storage capability for a minimum of 12 months including fluorescents. Where possible the pigments are made using pure CI technology to guarantee no change of shade in dyeing or curing.

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