SPDG maintains four state of the art laboratories with brand name accredited equipment. Some of the specialized equipment includes:

  • Infra-red lab sample machines
  • mini stenter
  • pad mangle
  • Light fastness testing machine
  • washing and perspiration apparatus
  • RFT analysis machine for optimum dye selection
  • automatic dispenser
  • automatic solution maker
  • latest data color match prediction system
  • latest analytical laboratory HPLC / GC machines
  • apparatus testing BOD/COD
  • formaldehyde testing apparatus
  • mini-bulk production dye machine

The laboratories are specialized for specific areas of the industry, auxiliaries & finishing, printing, disperse dyes, reactive dyes, etc. These laboratories are essential for QA & QC purposes and are also vital for the R&D practices and ecological testing that is paramount to the industry today.

A key service that is provided by SPDG is specific product targeting where any customer can send a sample of their current product or a target product and we will analyze then re-engineer the product to match for quality, strength or price. This service is available for any dyestuff or chemical and free of charge. We have invested massively in laboratories and services and would like to offer our support to our growing customer base. Let our technicians work for you.

Please contact our lab team for support