Welcome our agents and training regarding any aspect of the textile processing industry.

Siam Pro is very happy to welcome our agents, distributors and customers to our well-equipped facilities for training regarding any aspect of the textile processing industry. The training courses are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the participants to ensure they receive exactly the knowledge and hands-on practical training they really need. All courses come with a pre-test and post-test to evaluate progress and then if further training is required we can ensure that there is continuity and quantative progression throughout.

From 27-31 of August 2018 we were pleased to welcome two of the sales team from our agent in Srilanka (Hayleys Aventura Co., Ltd). In order to assist customers more fully with their inquiries the sales representatives had asked us to give the training on the general processing techniques for the following:

  1. Pretreatment & scouring of cotton and polyester
  2. Reactiive & disperse dyeing
  3. Acid dyeing
  4. Pigment printing
  5. Fixing and finishing

I am pleased to say that we all had 3 full days of practical training where the students were able to process their own fabrics to a high quality and now with further understanding of these processes will be able to understand their customers’ enquiries and help them more fully.