Product Application Fiber Ionicity Main component Appearance Features Packaging
TK ANTISLIP MK ☆Anti-slippage finishing agent Any fiber Cationic Formulated Colloidal silica Pale whitish blue liquid *Does not spoil fabric hand.
*Minimum degradation in dye fastness
*Standard amount used:1~3%soln.
120Kg 200kg
MILDFINISH 20P-M ☆Skin-care softener Any fiber Nonionic Natural squalane Milky white aqueous emulsion *Invests silky, soft hand
*Does not spoil hydrophilic properties of the fiber
*Superior smoothness can be obtained when used simultaneously with dimethylsilicone
TK FC-21 ☆Formalin captureing agent E/C C100% Nonionic Nitrogen system compound Transparent colorless liquid *To reduce formalin generation in the process of treatment using resins.
*Standard amount used:0.5~2%soln.
120Kg 200Kg
TK VC-100E ☆UV shielding agent Any fiber Nonionic PABA (p-aminobenzoate) White to slightly yellow liquid *Ultraviolet shielding property to various kinds of fibers or textiles.
*Standard amount used:4~6%soln.
120kg 200kg
TK RESIN MSL ☆ Melamine Formaldehyde Resin Any fiber   Trimethylol melamine Transparent viscous liquid *increases the elasticity and improves hand thereof
*Prevent from corrugation and shrinkage
*Standard amount used:3~5%owf.
TK GUARD S220 ☆Water and Oil Repellent Synthetic & cellulose Fiber Amphoteric Fluorocarbon based emulsion Milky-light pink liquid *Durable water and oi repellent effect
*compatible with most finishing agents used in Textile processing.
*Standard amount used:20~100g/L